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Credit: Brad Gregg

Well, except for Alabama (and that’s still a maybe). Oh, and Oklahoma, too.

It appears Alabama lawmakers, unsatisfied with just the mind-control-device-blocking power of the tinfoil hat, decided in their wisdom to pass a measure prohibiting state and local governments from participating in the implementation of United Nations initiative Agenda 21.

For those who don’t speak crazy, Agenda 21 is at the center of one of the latest conspiracy theories to emerge from the fever dreams of New World Order types who consider people like Glenn Beck and Alex Jones paragons of reason.

Agenda 21 is basically a nonbinding set of UN recommendations to help form more sustainable communities. Of course, that’s just what they would have you believe. Conspiracy theorists know it’s a ruse to end all private property rights and enslave citizens of first-world countries.

So after Alabama opted to protect its residents, state Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, decided, “Hey, let’s do that, too.”

Kern said she will file legislation similar to that of Alabama’s after the presentation of her interim House study about due process and personal property rights.

Along with Edmond residents and Agenda 21 opponents Sheila Briesch and Robert Semands, Kern gave testimony before a state House committee about the U.N. initiative and how it seeks to abolish private property rights.

The testimony included other interesting tidbits: that “social equity” is a phrase used only by Marxists, light rail is the preferred communist mode of future transportation, and nefarious forces are seeking to deprive us of our precious bodily fluids.

Sadly, only that last item is an embellishment … or is it?

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