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Blade: The Series \" The Complete Series




Rapper Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones takes over for Wesley Snipes as the vampire slayer who's a vampire himself in "Blade: The Series," Spike TV's one-season wonder whose 13 episodes are now on DVD.


It's really the best way to appreciate it, because instead of the expected villain-of-the-week approach, "Blade" tells a continuing story line that would make waiting a week between episodes difficult (and, if you were to miss one, truly problematic).


Out of the dozen different families of vampires vying for control in today's world, the House of Chthon poses a particular threat, but Blade gains a valuable ally in Krista (Jill Wagner), a cop investigating her brother's murder. When she's turned into a vampire in the pilot, she agrees to work undercover as Blade's double agent. 


As is evident whenever the vampires lose limbs, spurt goo or disintegrate into flaming skeletons, the production values are top-notch, placing "Blade" on a level of quality usually unseen in basic-cable series. Ironically, this probably doomed the show, too expensive to continue.


If you watched the show originally, the DVDs will prove a bonus, laden with lots of nudity, profanity, gore and other violence absent from broadcasts, amping up this show's dark appeal. 


"?Rod Lott

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