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Blades of Glory




Will Ferrell and Jon Heder played two disgraced figure skaters who have been banned from the sport for life. When they realize that they are banned as singles skaters only, the pair makes a joint comeback as the world's first all-male doubles team. And that's the part of the movie that actually makes a little sense. Most of the gags are of the straight-guys-doing-stuff-that-makes-them-look-gay variety, but damned if most of it isn't funny. The picture is no classic, even by Ferrell's standards, but the guy has more nerve than just about any other comic around and that alone makes him a joy to behold. The film co-stars Will Arnett ("Arrested Development") and Amy Poehler ("Saturday Night Live") as brother-and-sister skaters who have a sibling relationship straight out of a Jacobean revenge tragedy. Rated PG-13

"?Doug Bentin 

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