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Blind Date



In his first movie role, Bruce Willis exhibits some of that easygoing charisma that then was serving him well as TV's Moonlighting and, just one year later, rocketed him to the stratosphere in Die Hard. At the time hot off 9 1/2 Weeks, but not yet cast in Batman, future Oscar winner Kim Basinger also charms with a light comic touch she rarely has been given the opportunity to revisit, if ever. 


Harmless if not exactly hilarious, Blind Date puts the two superstars-in-training through the rom-com motions as strangers who meet cute, yet have an evening of pure hell, thanks to her "chemical imbalance" from drinking alcohol. Pratfalls ensue and lots of people fall to the ground — it wouldn't be an Edwards film otherwise — with John Larroquette's psychotic ex-boyfriend bearing most of the physical brunt. 


RLJ Entertainment's disc looks fine for such a flat film, but houses nary an extra — not even a trailer! Who was drunk when assembling that package? — Rod Lott

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