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Blinded to science



Certainly, this must be a serious concern for Oklahoma.

How concerned is the Legislature?

creationist inspired bills — House Bill 1551 authored by Sally Kern and
Senate Bill 1742 by Josh Brecheen — are currently being considered.
These would ostensibly promote “critical thinking, logical analysis and
open and objective discussion of scientific theories,” primarily
evolution, among others. They promote the use of supplemental textbooks
and instructional materials.

The authors of these bills are ignorant of science. Brecheen’s comments concerning evolution (News, “Evolving debate”, Oklahoma Gazette, Feb.
22) is just one example: There are no credible scientists “who harbor
significant skepticism toward Darwinian Theory.” There are no renowned
scientists asserting evolution is “laden with errors”. His claim that
tax dollars are being used to teach the unknown is stunningly

There are about 17 million peer-reviewed
scientific research papers indexed at the National Library of Medicine,
and none cast doubt on the science of evolution. None. The intention of
the legislative authors is to facilitate the introduction of
unscientific religious claims into science classes.

noteworthy that the proponents of these bills have not mentioned
“intelligent design” in their comments. Considerable propaganda exists
claiming intelligent design is a nonreligious alternative to evolution.
The Dover, Penn., school board was taken in by this lie. They were sued
in federal court and lost, costing the community millions of dollars.
The court determined intelligent design is religion. Attempts to project
religious doctrine into science classrooms have a perfect record of
losing First Amendment challenges in federal court. Let’s not do this to
our children or Oklahoma.

—David Grow, Edmond

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