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BLOG: Council votes down sexual orientation protection in taxi ordinance



As the Oklahoma City council continues to work on a proposed ordinance on rideshare companies and taxicabs, an amendment that would prevent companies from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation was voted down.

Councilmembers James Greiner, Larry McAtee, David Greenwell and Patrick Ryan voted against the ordinance. Ed Shadid, Pete White and John Pettis were the lone votes in favor. Mayor Mick Cornett and Councilwoman Meg Salyer were absent for Tuesday’s meeting.

Shadid and Greenwell discussed the issue before the vote and Greenwell said he did not feel the amendment was necessary. When Shadid asked if race and gender non discrimination laws should be removed, Greenwell said he would be ok with that.

The council made some changes to a proposed ordinance regulating ride service companies like Uber and Lyft and the ordinance will go back the city’s traffic commission before being brought back to the council for final approval.

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