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BLOG: KKK flyer sparks controversy, Fallin not going to GOP event



First things first: Gov. Mary Fallin is not going to appear at an event this month that includes a discussion of the Ku Klux Klan.

A fundraiser by the Garvin County Republicans on Aug. 23 announced Fallin as the guest speaker but the governor has announced she will not be attending following the discovery that the event's flyer advertised a discussion on the KKK. A spokesperson for her office said Fallin was never confirmed to attend the event.

"Great fun and fellowship," the GOP Bean Feed flyer said. "Discuss issues with fellow conservatives and find out some things that you may not know about the NRA, Planned Parenthood, Ku Klux Klan and other organization."

It's unknown if the KKK discussion would have been positive or negative. The NRA was listed as a topic, which would probably be viewed in a positive light. However, Planned Parenthood was also a topic of discussion, and its likely the Republican event would have spoken out against the organization. 

In a comment to Business Insider, Fallin spokesperson Alex Weintz did not say if the governor's decision not to go was related to the flyer, but he said it wasn't an agenda item run by Fallin. 

"It was never a possibility for the governor to ever go to an event where those subjects were a topic of discussion," Weintz told Business Insider.

State Democrats quickly pounced on the event claiming it was an example of Fallin looking to reverse her falling poll numbers.

“This is a disgusting attempt from the Governor to energize her base in the state of Oklahoma,” said Democratic Chairman Wallace Collins.

Think what you want about Fallin, but it's unlikely she would ever see a fireside chat about the KKK as a way to boost her poll numbers.

Garvin County GOP chairman Allie Burgin said the flyer was taken out of context. 

Let's hope.

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