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Blonde Redhead brings dream pop to Bricktown



New York City's indie-rock breakthrough Blonde Redhead is among the current bands poised to make a leap into the mainstream, and its tour will stop off Thursday at the Bricktown Ballroom.

The band has built up 14 years' worth of underground credibility, budding as discordant art-rock revivalists, but with its latest album, "23," its members have shifted further toward hypnotic dream-pop with shimmering guitars and ghostly vocals.

"We wanted to make the songs more like songs," said drummer Simone Pace  "We have a tendency to embellish a lot and play out those embellishments." 

The extra layers of gloss and melody might be just what it takes to achieve the commercial success to go alongside their critical praise. Making "23" a simpler, more straightforward album was all part of the plan, said Pace.

"We want to give the music a chance to get played," he said, but adding that radio wasn't really a factor. "If you write music just with that in mind, you won't be able to focus on what you want in your music."

The group's new sound was a natural evolution as the members matured out of styled dissonance and abrasive textures, Pace said. Through the changes, he had to figure out how to grow without shirking his responsibilities as drummer.

"My job is to make the music move and keep it together," he said. "Sometimes I feel like a shepherd dog holding everyone in the same place." "Charles Martin

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