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Blood Car



Reviewer's grade: B+


Set in a future in which gas is more than $30 a gallon, "Blood Car" follows sensitive vegan kindergarten teacher Archie (Mike Brune) as he tries to invent a wheat germ-fueled engine. Then, while drunk, Archie discovers the engine runs much better on "? you guessed it "? blood.


Archie's acquisition of motorized transport leads to several steamy liaisons with Denise (Katie Rowlett), the kind of girl who dates anyone with a car. Unfortunately, for Archie to preserve his newfound sexual gratification, he needs a steady supply of the red stuff. Several animal and human murders ensue.


Co-starring Anna Chlumsky (of "My Girl" fame) as vegetable salesperson Lorraine, "Blood Car" paints a funny, if ultimately dark and pessimistic, portrait of fundamental human appetites overcoming political idealism, and the bad that can happen when a man starts thinking solely with his naughty bits.


"?Michael Robertson  


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