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Bloody Homecoming



Three years ago, the Winston Wildcats were looking forward to the homecoming dance. Putting a damper on their fun was the young man who died after being trapped in a room on fire. Now that the school is set to revive the shindig — the dance, not the death — for the first time since that tragedy, some A-hole in a fireman suit shows up to the poke holes in those students deemed responsible. 

There's a slasher homage, and then there's a slasher ought-not-to-exist. Shot in Elgin, Texas, apparently with the region's finest unprofessional actors, Bloody Homecoming exudes all the polish and confidence of a class project, but at least one with enough sense to borrow a tripod. The kids appear to have been cast less for skills than the celebs they vaguely resemble, from Katherine Heigl and James Franco to Mae Whitman. All do risible jobs, but that's the type of material they were given. 

How Bloody Homecoming made it to DVD perplexes me as much as how freshman director Brian C. Weed was able to convince a girl into going topless for a shower scene. Wait, scratch that — according to IMDb, she's a porn star (Penny Pax, Praise the Load 7), so now I'm back to wondering just how the movie made it to DVD. It's worthless, folks.    — Rod Lott


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