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Bloom! - Maria Van Leishout



"Bloom!" is the book you should have given your wife, girlfriend or daughter on Valentine's Day. But men now can score points by gifting it "just because."

Written and illustrated by multitalented Holland native Maria Van Lieshout, this "little book about finding love" charms with minimal words, few pages and a simple story.

Bloom is a female pig who's too focused on flowers to notice the perfect mate right under her snout. Whimsically, she falls in loves with a butterfly (a "flying flower," she mistakes it) and then is inconsolable when it flies away. But a romantic gesture from her all-along friend quickly ails her broken heart and makes it swell again.

It probably takes more time to read this review than to read the actual book, but brevity works in "Bloom!"'s good favor. Feiwel and Friends"?Rod Lott

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