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Blue October promises third OKC stop's the charm



Last year, Blue October fans were let down when a dangerous ice storm canceled the concert. The year before that, they were deprived of the usual energy because the lead singer was confined to a stool with a leg injury.

So this time around, Blue October said Oklahoma City better get ready, because it's going all out for Thursday's show. And this time around, the band really has something to celebrate: a platinum record.

"We never expected to be this huge multi-platinum record-selling artist. We were just doing it for the fun and the music and the love of the art," said Jeremy Furstenfeld, the band's drummer. "It's kind of jaw-dropping really, because it's someplace that we wanted to be, but someplace where we never really thought we'd end up."

Blue October has won a new wave of fans with its latest album, "Foiled" " containing the hits "Hate Me" and "Into the Ocean" " but Furstenfeld said the band didn't always feel welcome in Oklahoma.

"For years and years, we'd just drive through Oklahoma, and we'd stop a couple of times back in the van days, and it didn't seem to be very productive for us," he said.

But that has changed, with a growing fan base, which Furstenfeld said keeps the band in the spotlight.

"I always say that if it weren't for our fans, we'd all be at home singing in the shower," he said. "Lauren Parajon

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