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Boo, OU'



Open letter to the Sooners and Bob Stoops: I am a dyed-in-the-wool Sooner fan. When I say "Boo, OU," I have the right to say it.  

I travel to watch you play, and I try to catch every home game on TV.

I love the Sooners. At great expense, my husband and I traveled to Cincinnati to watch the game. There were so many Sooner fans; you saw red everywhere.  

Prior to the game, we came upon a large group of people outside a hotel a block from ours. Three large buses were parked outside along with a motorcycle escort. We found out that the Sooners were staying there and were soon to come out. Everyone was gathered out front to cheer them on.  

Well, I wasn't going to miss this. I love the Sooners. I waited on the sidewalk with everyone else for them to appear. I waited the better part of an hour. I knew they were coming when the crowd started clapping and yelling.  I started clapping and yelling. I was standing in front the bus marked "defense."  

As the guys walked past, no wave of recognition was offered by them, or Bob Stoops as he walked by. No look in our direction. All we saw were these guys walking past with a bored expression on their faces, earplugs in and proceeding to get on the bus without a modicum of recognition for the fans cheering them on.  

Are the fans recognized only when the cameras are rolling? What you guys did was beyond rude. Shame on you. You couldn't have possibly been wearing your "game faces" and concentrating on the game the way you played; you should have killed that team. 

It will be a cold day in hell before we pay that kind of money to travel to see you play if you think so little of our adoration and loyalty in good games and bad.  

"Sandy Ditto

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