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Book Beat celebrates first decade with concert



Book Beat & Co. was born out of the back of a thrift shop where Shilo Brown, then a 20-year-old book lover, started his shop with $500 and a few hundred books and CDs. A decade and three moves later, Brown still is stocking his shelves, just with more space and loyal clientele.

He'll be celebrating his 10th year Saturday with a book sale, and a show that night with The Riptides and Psychotic Reaction.

In a world of mega-sized bookstores, specialty and new-and-used outlets like Book Beat have carved out a niche for themselves as people grow tired of sifting through thousands of titles just to find a good read.

Book Beat's new home on 1139 S.W. 59th is just a few blocks from his old store, an 8,000-square-foot behemoth that took several people to run. Brown loved the space, but as his musical alter ego of Bloody Ol' Mule began to demand more of his time, Brown decided to trim the fat.

Although the new place is smaller, Brown said he'll still be bringing in full bands. They'll just be playing in the store amidst the books, records and CDs.

The new shop is a winding labyrinth of rooms and bookshelves, with The Electric Chair Gallery tucked in a back room.

"If I would buy it and put it on my personal walls, then I'll show it," Brown said. "Charles Martin

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