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Book documents OKC history through photos



Larry Johnson's new book, "Historic Photos of Oklahoma City" is filled with around 200 photos of OKC's past. From the Land Run, when what is now the city was little more than tents and a few wooden structures, to the present, the book provides photos spanning the city's first century.

"You're really able to see the pictures well in this book and see the details that haven't really been available before," Johnson said. "We've always been so progressive and present and future-oriented, and I just hope this will help to reconnect us to our past." 

The book itself is divided into five eras:
" "Out Where the West Begins,"
" "Industrial Prodigy of the Southwest,"
" "Capital City of the Great Southwest,"
" "Building Better Times" and
" "Arrows to Atoms."

Johnson started working on the book when Turner Publishing Co. approached him. The publisher had compiled several photos from the Oklahoma Historical Society and the Metropolitan Library System, and wanted Johnson to write the text and photo captions.

"I've always loved the history of the city," he said. "I hope that I've done my part to keep it alive and preserve it for our future."

"?CJ Macklin

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