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Boy Wonder



Making a writing/directing debut, Michael Morrissey shows talent in the look of his film, but deficiencies in scripting and pulling believable performances from his mostly unknown cast. Lanky Caleb Steinmeyer, who’s had only one-and-done roles on a few popular TV series (and, tellingly, worked as a behind-the-scenes assistant on one of the worst movies I’ve seen all year), has the lead as Sean, a teen who’s never gotten over the horror of seeing his music-teacher mother (Tracy Middendorf, TV’s “Boardwalk Empire”) murdered before his childhood eyes.

Wishing to avenge her death, the steroid-taking Sean sports a hoodie and patrols the streets at night to bust up crime. He saves a hooker from a beat-down, and she sees him as an angel, so she’s not willing to help the authorities (repped by Zulay Henao, “Takers,” who lacks credibility in the part) catch him.

It’s not that “Boy Wonder” isn’t exciting; I wasn’t expecting it to be a comic book brought to life. It’s just that it’s boring. Morrissey wants to give it dramatic heft by introducing daddy issues and themes of abuse, but doesn’t produce the dialogue to match: "You can keep your due process. Thanks for the egg roll." —Rod Lott

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