Only time " Friday, to be exact " will tell, but there's a chance Oklahoma may play an unwitting role in "Brüno," Sacha Baron Cohen's controversial follow-up to the controversial "Borat."

In the film, Cohen plays Brüno, a flamboyantly gay television host. As he did with the character of Borat, Cohen mines his comedy by depending upon public reactions to outlandish staged events, with his targets unaware that Brüno is not a real person.

On a YouTube video following an advance screening of 20 minutes of "Brüno" at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, film critics discuss one scene in particular. One brings up, "So, he's in the heart of Oklahoma, in a cage, making out with a guy," and Cinematical's Scott Weinberg responds, "He constructed this whole elaborate joke ... I don't want to ruin anything ... he puts something in front of these ... people that they don't want to see, and their reaction is just ... stunningly interesting."

The scene in question is at a cage-fighting event, where Brüno and another man tear off each other's clothes and begin kissing, much to the crowd's horror.

As homophobic as some Oklahomans are, however, the critic may have his state wrong. Reports on the Web peg the match-turned-make-out session as happening in Texarkana and Fort Smith, Ark., which are both near the border.

Ah, well. At least we can claim Borat's 2004 appearance before the Oklahoma City Traffic and Transportation Commission, part of which appeared on HBO's "Da Ali G Show," but remains available on YouTube in its gut-busting entirety. Very nice!

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