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Bread Crumbs



First, the story is a twist on ye olde fairy tale of "Hansel and Gretel." And second, the people being twisted — and maimed and speared — aren't mere summer campers, but filmmakers on a porn shoot.

Because nothing says sexy than the middle of nowhere, I guess, the group drives their van into the forest and sets up shop in a cabin. The shoot is to be the final one for Angie (Marianne Hagan, "Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers") since she's getting a little too old for the biz (think Julianne Moore's character in "Boogie Nights"). It's also the first for nervous Dominic (Douglas Nyback, channeling Jesse Eisenberg), who's learning his lines as if that really mattered.

It will be memorable for all involved, but that's because of the arrival of two über-creepy siblings and, later, the so-called woodsman. Needless to say — but I'm going to say it anyway — our cast and crew meet Grimm fates. (Grimm! See what I did there?)

I'm unsure if we're supposed to side with the porn people or the killers; it's kind of a "lesser of two evils" thing. Ultimately, that's overthinking things. This is, after all, a movie called "Bread Crumbs," not "The King's Speech." And thank goodness, because for an hour and a half of goofy gore, it delivers. It's professionally done — the opening credits are among the best you'll see all year — and Hagan puts forth a valiant effort, even more than she did against Mr. Myers nearly two decades ago.

In style and substance, it reminded me of last year's "Simon Says," another better-than-usual slasher film with a little more polish and creativity on its bashed-in brain. —Rod Lott


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