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Breaking fast



Rather than slurping down soggy cereal or a heavily processed food-type product, metro eateries offer nourishing options for your morning meal.

The Diner, 213 Main in Norman, has become a tradition among the go-to stops for breakfast munchies.

Packed with classic American fare, the menu even attracted Guy Fieri of Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives,” and is frequented by droves of students, downtown business owners and shoppers.

“Everything is home-cooked. We are pretty quick, but we aren’t fast-food,” said owner Claire Amspacher.

right, The Wedge's Grab ’n’ Go breakfast for commuters

“We have the traditional American breakfast, but we also have Tex-Mex specialties that are really popular, such as the Eggarito, huevos rancheros, Mexi scram and eggs quesadilla. Not on the menu is our tamale breakfast, which is really good.”

Ingrid’s Kitchen, 3701 N. Youngs, pairs German cuisine with an ambitious baking menu to satisfy the hungry morning masses.

Manager Maggie Miner said that it’s not just the weekday commuters rushing in for a quick bite or to take bagels and Danishes to their workplace; Saturday shoppers also look for a boost.

“We started the Saturday-morning brunch so people can come in to eat a buffet, then get out of here to go do whatever it was they were planning on doing,” said Miner.

Since the breakfast menu is available only until 11 a.m., Miner said many regulars aren’t even aware of the extensive breakfast entrees like apple-cinnamon French toast and the Farmer’s Breakfast that scrambles Bavarian sausage with eggs and potatoes.

The pastries, a major draw throughout the day, are a particular source of pride for her.

“We make over 600 items, but you won’t always see them [in the display case at the same time],” she said. “If you call me and want a particular bagel, muffin or some type of Danish, we would have those in the case the next day.”

The Wedge Pizzeria, 4709 N.Western, has started luring in the breakfast crowd with its Grab ’n’ Go breakfast for commuters with no time to sit to eat.

“Our reason being was to provide a quick, yet healthy, option for those in a hurry and think they don’t have time for breakfast — the most important meal of the day,” said manager Elena Farrar, noting they only use local eggs on items such as whole-wheat wraps with house-made Italian sausage or veggies. “Then we have a stuffed quiche that changes daily and then whatever we decide to whip up.

“You come in and everything is already prepared, so you grab what you want, plus a cup of Elemental Coffee, throw down $5 and you’re on your merry way.”

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