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Breaking the Girls



Also drawing upon Single White Female and director Jamie Babbit's own The Quiet, this frigid thriller stars Agnes Bruckner (now the poor man's Abbie Cornish, after starring in Lifetime's recent Anna Nicole Smith biopic) as Sara, a struggling college student by day and bartender by night. When she loses the gig of the latter, it threatens to derail the former.

Near simultaneously, she meets spoiled rich girl Alex (Madeline Zima, The Collector, who introduces Sara to partying, lesbianism and eventually the idea of swapping murders. Alex will kill Sara's nemesis (Shanna Collins, Cinema Verite); Sara will kill Alex's stepmother (Kate Levering, TV's Drop Dead Diva). Of course, such plans are never that easy, and if you think Sara is being played like a game board, congrats! You've seen some movies before! 

That's Breaking the Girls' biggest problem: familiarity, which breeds contempt, if the adage is to believed. Babbit's camera is not without style; Bruckner, not without natural charms. The script, however, co-written by American Psycho adapter Guinevere Turner, is painfully rote.  —Rod Lott

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