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Brides-to-be taking eco-friendly routes in planning nuptials



From invitations to honeymoon destinations, there are a number of ways couples can choose to go green as they get married.

"People in Oklahoma are just starting to get interested in these eco-chic weddings," said Debbie Ritter, from That's a Wrap Event Planning in Oklahoma City. "It seems like most of the interest is coming from the college-age group, but more and more people are catching on."

As the trend blossoms, so do the organic flowers resting in the bamboo baskets that adorn the tabletops at these environmentally kind events.

"Organic flowers are way friendlier to our societies, because they don't have to use many pesticides or any at all," said Sacha Patires, from Oklahoma City's Whimsical Weddings. "It's definitely a way to go green without giving up floral centerpieces."

In an effort to save the trees, Ritter said it's best to use recycled paper when sending out hundreds of wedding invitations.

"Try to consolidate your invitation to one page and send e-mails about other events such as the bachelorette party, bridesmaid luncheon and the showers," Ritter said. "Also try to utilize hand calligraphy anytime you can, or print with soy ink."

Patires suggested digging a little deeper to find invitations that can actually be planted in the ground.

 "Some invitations have seeds in the paper, which is a great way for them to be recycled," Patires said. "It will compost down and the seeds will take root into the ground." "Lauren Parajon

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