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Bringing hop to the people



Christie Carr, who suffers from depression, initially volunteered to take in an injured kangaroo and help nurse him back to health. Assessing her platonic marsupial
relationship, she soon realized Irwin the kangaroo was doing just as
much for her and she was for him. But according to MSNBC, some meanies
on the Broken Arrow City Council swooped in and tried to push Irwin out
of town, saying he could pose a public safety risk.

safety risk? What, of being too adorable? We know, we know: Adult
kangaroos can get pretty massive and strong, but Irwin is different.
According to MSNBC, his injury left him partially paralyzed and unable
to stand or walk on his own, although he can hop with a little help.
(Awwwww!) Carr fought for Irwin, who is certified as a therapy pet under
the Americans with Disabilities Act, and went before the council to
argue her case. “Irwin is my life,” she told the council at a recent
meeting, according to MSNBC. “He’s given me strength.”

And they say the council’s heart grew three sizes that day, because they turned around and voted unanimously to grant Carr an exotic animal exemption that allows her to keep Irwin within Broken
Arrow city limits. She’ll have to inform any neighbors of Irwin’s
presence, but we see that as a draw, not a detraction. Can’t you just
imagine? “Yes, this house comes with a two-car garage, three bedrooms
and an awesome kangaroo next door.” Sold!

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