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British artist Nigel Hall visits to debut his career retrospective at City Arts Center



Nigel Hall
7 p.m. Tuesday

City Arts Center,
3000 General Pershing
through Dec. 18
951-0000 or visit

Nigel Hall, British artist and Royal Academician, flies to the States to attend the 7 p.m. Tuesday opening reception of his career retrospective at the City Arts Center, 3000 General Pershing.

On display through Dec. 18, the exhibit includes two large sculptures, 35 drawings and 25 maquettes, models and small sculptures. His bold and uncluttered imagery is inspired by wide, open spaces worldwide.

"As shadow is to light, so space is to form," he said. "It allows it to be seen. Sparseness is like sweeping away of clutter, getting down to bare essentials. As silence is to sound."

He doesn't design his sculptures to overpower the venue they find themselves in, but to adapt to their environment.

"Artworks, both painting and sculptures, tend to lead a wandering life for a while until they find a home. That is unless you get the fortunate opportunity of a commission for a specific location, either public or private," he said. "For me, the geography of the surroundings."

After finding inspiration in exotic locales, Hall feels fortunate to get the chance to savor the simplicity of the Oklahoma plains.
"For me, it is still a land of the imagination "? distant vistas, big skies and more sweet-smelling, waving wheat than either the Mojave or the Swiss Alps can offer!"

For more information, call 951-0000 or visit "?Charles Martin 


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