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Brogdon on Fallin



It took a few days, but Randy Brogdon has endorsed Mary Fallin for governor. The two Republicans met for about 30 minutes Aug. 4 before making the announcement, according to the Tulsa World.

"I have endorsed her because I am convinced she is going to champion much of what I have been working on for several years," Brogdon said, "in particular, the opt-out of Obamacare."

Hmmm, we weren't aware Brogdon was a modern-day Nostradamus, but that must be the explanation for why he was against something several years ago that didn't even get passed until earlier this year.

Anyway, Brodgon said he took a few days off with his wife, which is why he didn't come out at Mary's side immediately after the July 27 primary. He also announced that he's formed a nonprofit called Freedomsroll to enlighten Oklahoma voters on the many (seriously, many) state questions and elections coming up this November.

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