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Bueller? … Bueller? … Balkman?



While the ad certainly conjures up fond memories for GenXers who grew up quoting “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” the memories are particularly personal for former state Rep. Thad Balkman.

His childhood house in Long Beach, Calif., served as the onscreen home for Bueller.

“Location scouts liked our house because it’s not in the Spanish style that’s all over that part of the state,” said Balkman, now executive director of the Oklahoma Lawyers Association. “They told my parents they needed a house that looked like it could be in Chicago.”

said his dad initially didn’t want to show the movie guys his son’s
room since it was such a mess, but he eventually gave in.

liked it so much that they modeled much of Ferris’ room after it:
British flag hanging from ceiling, lots of ’80s New Wave band posters on
walls,” recalled the younger Balkman. “My room was too small for camera
shots so they built it on set.”

celebrated his 14th birthday during the two-week movie shoot. His mom
made a cake that read, “It may be Ferris’ day off, but it’s Thad’s 14th

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