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Built to Spill grows up without sacrificing music



Built to Spill has long been considered a member of the independent music scene, despite having a home at the major label Warner Bros. for more than a decade.

However, Built to Spill guitarist and vocalist Doug Martsch does resist playing the part of the hip, aging musician and, at times, sounds like the indifferent parent who no longer has the time or patience to keep up with his kid's rock 'n' roll music. He attributes his waning obsession for searching out new music with growing up.

"One thing music does is orient you to the world, much like movies, books or philosophy. I loved The Stooges, but if I heard a modern version of The Stooges, it would be bullshit to me " just some snotty punks. But when I was young, it had a big impact," he said. "Maybe that's why I like reggae: It's still so foreign to me."

Unlike many other long-running acts, Built to Spill continues to draw in new fans with each album, despite Martsch's resistance to musical trends. The 2006 album "You in Reverse" " one that marked a turning point for the band, with a heightened sense of collaboration and a fixed lineup " was among the group's best-received albums among fans and critics to date.

Built to Spill will take the Diamond Ballroom stage Friday night along with Meat Puppets. "Charles Martin

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