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Bullet proof in the line of fire



They are discussing gun control and Arizona, and someone says if someone had a pistol that day, the guy in Arizona would have been dead.

Right, and if everyone had a pistol — which is “supposed” to mean “security” — then everyone would have shot the right person and no one would have assumed there could have been accomplices. Just shoot and sort out the good guys and bad gals later at the morgue.

How do you tell a good guy with a gun from a bad guy with a gun? Are they going to start requiring they wear black or white hats, or maybe T-shirts or buttons of some sort?

So, how will I know if the guy with the gun who is next to me at the mall, the restaurant, the McDonald’s or in Arizona and other places — the hospital, the church, the train, the bus or even the House Gallery at the Capitol — is a good guy or a bad guy waiting for the opportunity, since we want everyone and their old maid aunt to pack heat?

This is why I make it a point of leaving any and every establishment when I see a person with a gun who is not wearing a law enforcement uniform. Not all police officers can be trusted, but most can. No one who thinks he is never safe without a gun can be trusted by me.

Paranoia is not my friend. When everyone opens fire, no one will know who the perp is.

—Karen Webb

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