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Bullish on gay



Who knew that a movement against bullying is really a gateway to homosexuality? A conservative Christian organization knew, by God.

KWTV News 9 ace Rusty Surette found a doozy of a story when a national religious group suggested finding the ultimate covert operation of the Sally Kern-labeled homosexual agenda.

A little backstory first:

Ty Field, an 11-year-old boy living in Perkins, reportedly committed suicide earlier this year after he was repeatedly bullied at school. A student group called Upward Bound pledged to raise awareness of the problem after Field's death, and held an event at Western Heights High School to promote the cause. It also led a silent vigil at the state Capitol last month. Upward Bound's initiative was titled "Stand for the Silent."

Well, Focus on the Family, founded by James Dobson, examined this movement and thought it saw something queer. Literally.

"What we have seen in some instances, outside political advocacy groups coming in and politicizing and sexualizing the issue in a way that's unnecessary," Candi Cushman, Focus on the Family education analyst, told KWTV.

The teenage group will work with the Cimarron Alliance, a gay-rights organization, to promote peace and tolerance within schools. You know"¦ something nonbullyish.

Bucky wonders if your son or daughter is a school bully and likes beating up smaller, weaker kids, does that mean they are probably not gay?

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