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Burn Notice: Season One




Missed "Burn Notice" in its premiere season on cable's USA? Yeah, me, too. And we missed a lot.

The title of this remarkably clever series refers to the cut-off order spies receive when their agency decides to terminate their employment. Such a pink slip is received in the pilot by our hero, Michael (Jeffrey Donovan, "Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2"), thus leaving him in Florida without an identity or cash flow. To keep from starving while he tries to find out who issued his burn notice and why, he takes on odd surveillance jobs.

Assisting and irritating him in equal amounts are his feisty ex-girlfriend (Gabrielle Anwar); his turncoat best bud (a paunchy Bruce Campbell); and his chain-smoking, nagging mom (Sharon Gless). But at least they beat the gang members, gunrunners and general ne'er-do-wells in this four-disc set's initial 11 episodes.

"Burn Notice" exhibits a sly sense of humor amid the grime of crime,

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