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Burrito to blame for Edmond man's traffic mishap



With burritos, consumers mostly worry about the potential for intestinal burn. But for one Edmond man, the food proved the catalyst for a chain of events out of a slapstick comedy.


According to a report in the Feb. 13 issue of The Vista, the student-run newspaper of the University of Central Oklahoma, 58-year-old Richard Kindberg choked on a burrito while driving near campus the morning of Feb. 8, causing him to cross the median, hit a teenage pedestrian and then strike a support device for a power line.


But, wait! There's more! That last impact made the line fall, resulting in a grass fire.


And then " yes, Charlie Chaplin is saluting from the grave " Kindberg's vehicle hit a speed limit sign (irony!) and, finally, an embankment.


What prevents this from being a tragedy is that all players are fine " except, perhaps, for the chunk of burrito so rudely expelled from Kindberg's pipes. In an e-mail to The Vista, Kindberg explained, "The violent action of the car hitting the curbs helped to clear my throat."


The driver's account reads like a surreal slice of science fiction: "With effort, I got out of the car to figure out why my windshield was smashed. People were running all around the intersection. An object, not immediately recognizable, was on the ground, across the street lying against a sign.
The object slowly became a person with arms and legs violently jerking and flailing. A horrific scene came into focus!"


Kindberg, who said the choking made him pass out, wrote, "I am not condemning fast food take-out."


Neither are we. In fact, we're oddly hungry. Anyone want to make a run for the border?

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