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Caffeinated metro gamers gather for marathon play



A LAN is a local area network, which just means it's a bunch of computers hooked together through a server " like in an office.

A LAN party entails dozens or hundreds (sometimes thousands) of computers wired together for blazing-fast gaming action.

You like video games? You might not like them this much. Attendants at the OKTeaBag LAN party in El Reno strap in for 11 hours of gaming " and that's on the short side for most parties. LAN events held in people's homes can last all weekend, during which sleep is eschewed for more pizza, more Red Bull and more carnage.

Inside the El Reno Elks Lodge, Riley Shepherd is hoping to kill his friends at least once a month.

"I plan on doing it the first Saturday of every month," he said. "And with a lot more people. I mean, we didn't even advertise."

A big part of the criteria for the group wedged into the card room of the Elks Lodge: You need to be funny or you need to be good, or you'll probably end up digitally dead. Although, to be fair, everybody dies at some point.

When Shepherd's "Call of Duty 4" character goes down in a hail of bullets, he registered his displeasure with Jesse Gross.

"Balls!" he yelled. "Nice. It really shows what a man you are, killing a guy while he's AFK."

That's "away from keyboard," for anybody who doesn't know. While the partiers will gladly speak English to everybody else, when they're in-game, it's mostly acronyms, insults and "South Park" quotes. "Greg Elwell

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