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California's Aeges continues run with Chevelle May 14 at Diamond Ballroom



As Kemble Walters packs ahead of the biggest tour his band has ever embarked on, he carefully crafts a song with his sister about Instagram foodies.

Los Angeles-based alternative rock and post-hardcore band Aeges is spending May traveling with popular and long-lived post-grunge trio Chevelle. The two crews hit 15 cities in 23 days, including a May 14 stop at Diamond Ballroom, 8001 S. Eastern Ave.

Speaking with Oklahoma Gazette the day before leaving for an extended tour with Chevelle, Walters was visiting his sister at his southern California home as he prepared for the tour.

The Aeges vocalist, guitarist and founding member said he does not get to see his sister as often as he would like and when they do get together, they like to take some time to make up silly songs about random things. Their muses this time around were the many too-perfect — and sometimes uninteresting — food photos that glut both their Instagram feeds.

While this tour might be a big booking for Aeges, Walters is no stranger to the road life. He has toured as a working musician since he was a teen. This is also not the band’s first run with Chevelle. Aeges — which, in addition to Walters, includes bassist Tony Baumeister, guitarist/vocalist Cory Joseph Clark and drummer Mike Land — first toured with the act on a limited run in September.

Walters said the two bands developed personal and professional chemistry. He thinks that is part of the reason Chevelle invited Aeges back out for another go-around.

For still-budding bands like Aeges, establishing meaningful connections with more prominent acts can be a key to continued growth.

“It’s all about developing relationships until you can self-sustain,” Walters said.

Aeges is touring in support of its latest album, Weightless, which was released in July.

“Fans who have been around since the beginning either love it or hate it,” Walters said, “which is totally cool, because we tried a few different things.”

One of the two main differences on Weightless compared to the band’s previous work is that it marked the first time Clark’s vocals were featured as heavily as Walters’. The record features the duo trading verses and singing and harmonizing.

It was the first time the band enlisted the help of an outside producer. Walters usually handles production, but this time, studio veteran Bob Marlette — known for his work with Black Sabbath and Seether — took the reins.

There was some adjusting to a new workflow involved.

“If I have an idea that I think is the way we should go, I tend to be kind of hard-headed,” Walters said. “Letting all that stuff go, at first, was a little bit difficult.”

Many people have a hard time giving up some control, but Walters is mostly a laid back, open-minded individual. He wants to connect and learn with others above all else, even with fans.

“If people are coming, we’re always down to hang out and have a beer or have a coffee or whatever,” he said. “If people dig it, they should come up and say hey because we’re all very friendly dudes.”

Aeges also returns to Oklahoma May 26 for a gig at Rocklahoma in Pryor.


Print headline: Esprit de corps, Camaraderie and chemistry carry Chevelle and Aeges’ tour to Diamond Ballroom.

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