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Calling it quits



All this happened on June 15, the date Oklahoma Gazette published exclusive excerpts of her new book, which has the mouthful title of “The Stoning of Sally Kern: The Liberal Attack on Christian Conservatism — and Why We Must Take a Stand.”

Saving you from spending $14.84 (it is a recession, after all), the article reported some Kern-tastic tidbits  (she’s “grown weary of being called a ‘homophobe’” and “it’s painful to be accused of hate” … not to mention that her eldest son is not gay and her husband, the Rev. Steve Kern, has not been a member of the Ku Klux Klan). Oh, and did we mention that she believes some groups have organized a campaign to normalize “fisting” and homosexuality? Just checkin’!

Well, the Central Oklahoma Human Rights Alliance issued a statement requesting Kern’s resignation, and sent letters to Gov. Mary Fallin and legislative members.

“Rep. Kern has made public statements insulting to numerous Oklahomans, both as groups and as individuals, in recent years,” said Bob Bearden, secretary of COHRA. “Her statements demonstrate perspectives that we find unacceptable in an elected official responsible to all her constituents. We do not believe she can properly represent the concerns of people she has denigrated and maligned in public statements. While public officials are entitled to the same right of freedom of speech as any other citizen of this country; we believe they have an obligation to  act responsibly and temper their rhetoric with a modicum of common sense and compassion, whatever their beliefs.”

The American Civil Liberties Union chimed in, claiming Kern has denigrated Hispanics, blacks, Muslims, women and homosexuals. (That list is almost as long as her book title!) “The ACLU was one of many groups opposing immigration legislation at the Capitol this year,” said Tamya Cox, deputy director for the ACLU. “This legislation would have virtually assured violations of the dignity, if not the civil rights, of Hispanic people, and Sally Kern was one of the legislation’s strong proponents.”

In an interview with The Oklahoman (she didn’t talk to the Gazette for some reason) about her book, Kern said she “was amazed that somebody wanted to publish it, and I’ll be honest with you — I was paid.”

Read an exclusive online commentary about Kern’s book from openly gay pastor Scott Jones.

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