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Canadian man allegedly pulls prank on Tulsa hotel



The switchboard at the Hilton Garden Inn in Tulsa was a little more harried than usual on July 15. That's when, according to The Smoking Gun, the hotel's incoming phone calls had been re-routed to an online prankster in Ontario, Canada.

Thus, when visitors fresh off the plane at the airport called to ask about the shuttle, they reached not the friendly Hilton employees, but merry prankster Tariq Malik, dubbed a "Telephone Terrorist" by TSG. He told callers the shuttle was inoperable, but not to worry " just take a cab and the hotel would pay them back.

But that's not all. TSG reports that Malik told other callers that the hotel had been the site of a swine-flu outbreak and a hostage situation. 

As part of a detailed investigation by TSG, the Skype-enabled shenanigans are just par for the course for Malik, a jobless, girlfriend-less 25-year-old who lives with his mom in an apartment.

There, he operates a mischievous chat room called Pranknet, through which he and his online cronies have convinced hotel guests to destroy rooms; fast-food workers to strip and urinate on each other; and one unlucky soul to sample a new cider, which was really a man's urine.

Oh, these kids today and their Internets!

Not having ever acquired a taste for human waste, CFN thinks the Tulsa hotel got off easy. 

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