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Cannabis crackdown



Authored by Rep. Sue Tibbs, R-Tulsa, the measure extends the same harsh penalties currently imposed on cannabis cultivators to the industrious individuals who make hashish, the compressed resin excreted by marijuana buds.

According to the Tulsa World, there has not been a surge in hashish manufacturing, yet a spokesman for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs told the newspaper the goal of the bill is to “send a message” that Oklahoma won’t tolerate illegal drugs. extended that logic: “Neither, apparently, will common sense or a sense of proportionality (be tolerated in Oklahoma).”

According to legislative staffers, the imprisonment of violators will cost the state approximately $56 per day. The penalty for a first conviction is a $50,000 fine and imprisonment for two years to  life. Yes, that would be life in prison. A second offense is double that of the first punishment.

same day the Senate approved House Speaker Kris Steele’s HB 2131, which
addresses the state’s overcrowded prisons. HB 1798 awaited approval by
Gov. Mary Fallin at press time.

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