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Can't stop the rock



Chesapeake Energy has tapped into a different kind of rock formation.

The Oklahoma City company's band, Shaleplay, was awarded the highest honor among boardroom-approved musical groups. On Oct. 2, the band took home first place in the 10th annual Fortune Battle of the Corporate Bands, according to press releases from Chesapeake and the National Association of Music Merchants, which sponsored the concert competition.

Shaleplay, which performs an "eclectic mix of pop and rock," is comprised of five Chesapeake employees: singer Katy Igarta, guitarist Greg Singleton, keyboardist/guitarist Blayne Cook, drummer Dan Wright and bassist Chris Royse (formerly of Defenestration). The Oklahoma City band, which faced a four-person panel of judges that included famed musician and producer Alan Parsons, and drummer and former Billy Joel band member Liberty DeVitto, beat out all seven of its corporate competitors.

Take that, GE Aviation and BTI Systems!

Igarta " the company's fitness center membership coordinator when she's not digging a groove that digs deeper than hydraulic fracturing " was also named Best Vocalist in the competition.

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