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Capital kumbaya



While Sen. Tom Coburn has gone out of his way at times to be the bee in President Barack Obama’s bonnet, both have said they are friends and have a great respect for one another.

With Coburn’s departure from the Senate coming soon due to his battle with cancer, USA Today reported Obama recently name-checked Coburn at the National Prayer Breakfast and noted the absence of his colleague. The president (who is not, again not a Muslim) said he’s keeping the distinguished gentleman from Oklahoma in his prayers. Obama even went as far as to call Coburn a “great friend” and noted that he loves him dearly, even though they are in different political parties.

The same sentiments came to our other U.S. senator, James Inhofe, when his son died a few months
ago in a plane crash. At one point, Inhofe even remarked that he might
have received more expressions of condolence from his colleagues on the
left than from those on the right.

Maybe our elected officials are turning over a new leaf and we are about to enter an era of compromise and friendship.

Maybe it’s the dawn of a new day in the nation’s capital Yeah, right.

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