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Capitol dud



So, in the midst of the greatest fiscal crisis in Oklahoma since the oil bust, lawmakers weigh taxes against programmatic cuts and debate the scope of the role of government in everyday life. You'd think that there'd be no shortage of television reporters roaming the hallways of 2300 N. Lincoln.

Think again. Most days, there are fewer television cameras at the Capitol than illegal immigrants at a Randy Terrill fundraiser.

All that changed May 20. The state Capitol grounds were crawling with athletic, metrosexual television reporters with whitened, capped teeth and glistening mounds of TV hair. Why were they not chasing storms? Had a deal been reached on solving the state's billion-dollar budget hole? Did Ellen DeGeneres have a power lunch with Sally Kern?

No. Rather, a suspicious package was found near the Capitol, tucked behind the tire of a crimson car.

Crews from all the stations positioned themselves along Lincoln. So many choppers filled the sky, it looked like a "M*A*S*H" rerun. Even brought out the web-mobile for the breaking news.

Ironically, the package was located in the press parking lots. Fortunately, it turned out to be just that: a package. Authorities think a postal delivery person may have just dropped it by accident. It looked like a hot news item for about an hour, but the only thing sizzling was the asphalt.
As a media event, however, it was still da bomb.

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