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Capitol Hill hoops star's whereabouts unknown



There was a time when the mere mention of Winford Boynes' name automatically raised debate as to whether or not he is the best basketball player the state of Oklahoma has ever produced. That began when Boynes was still burning up the nets for Capitol Hill High School back in the mid-Seventies.

But his legend has begun to wane. Whether by his own design or by fated circumstances " Winford Gladstone Boynes III has gone missing.

Boynes has chosen a reclusive existence. The former two-time Oklahoma prep player of the year award winner does not correspond with any of his former Capitol Hill teammates. When Boynes' alma mater has tried to include him in various celebrations and school events over the years, he has been unreachable.

In 2004, Boynes was noticeably absent from his own induction into the University of San Francisco's Hall of Fame. Despite repeated attempts to pinpoint his whereabouts, USF officials failed to track him down.

"I would love to hear from Winford," said 66-year-old Buddy Armstrong, who coached Boynes during his time at Capitol Hill. "In my mind, Winford is without a doubt the best all-around basketball player to ever come out of Oklahoma. He could do it all: handle the ball, shoot it from anywhere on the floor, play under pressure, make any pass and he was the ultimate team player. During my 29 years in coaching, no one compared to Winford when it came to overall dedication and love for the game." "Jay C. Upchurch


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