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Capitol's East Gallery displays web-site designer's art work



As owner and president of Aeternitas Inc., Marc Barker spends his days designing and developing interactive Web sites and CD-ROMs that use advanced technology. But when he needs a break, he turns to an artistic tool which is decidedly old-school: the paintbrush. And by that, we mean the one held in the hand "? not the one in Adobe Photoshop.

"My art is my meditation and my reprieve from the world of computers," Barker said, in a press release.

His paintings and prints are currently on display in the first-floor East Gallery of the state Capitol through Sept. 14, in an exhibit titled "The Illusion of Mattering."

Working primarily in oils, Barker's works are nearly void of color, cast in a gloomy, off-gray hue. This works for his subjects, which tend to involve people appearing as outlines or shadows, rather than as humans with fully fleshed-out features.

"Homo Cum Deo (Man Together with God)" depicts a silhouette of a man standing, joined at the head with a lighter mirror image of himself, on a scratched-up background of Masonite. Equally as moody is "Nebulous Clouds," in which three varying puffs of white hover atop one another in a line in the air. According to Barker, such images are "places where shadows become sentinels "¦ and places with clouds and all things clouded, places that remind us that anything we learn changes everything we know."

Gallery hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. weekdays. Admission is free. For more information, call 521-2931.

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