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Cardio tennis marries sport with fitness



Cardio tennis takes place on a tennis court, but a racket is involved only half of the time.

The Greens Country Club, 13100 Green Valley Drive, recently introduced the class, which focuses more on footwork drills, medicine balls and stamina-boosting routines, rather than just smashing little yellow tennis balls over the net.

"We get a lot of ladies getting in shape, a few that just had babies," tennis pro Marina Robinson said. "We've had a few ladies who have taken lessons and have been playing for a long time. They started doing cardio tennis and saw an improvement in being able to get around the court, moving to the ball and going after it, rather than just watching it go by."

Since the majority of each session is comprised of drills, the class is open to tennis players of all skill levels.

"The new types of exercises will have ladies jumping from side to side. They aren't used to using their feet like that, so it's hard for them to adjust," Robinson said. "When we do ab work, they'll say, 'Ooh, I have abs.'"

Robinson teaches the class, but has seen improvement in her own game due to the program, specifically when she trains for upcoming tournaments.

"You can be just a beginner or be very advanced and still do cardio tennis, which is great," Robinson said. "We don't have to separate the levels. Anybody can be here."

For more information, call 751-6266. "Charles Martin


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