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Careful where you point that



With no means of
immediately identifying at a distance whether a person has a valid
concealed carry permit (authorizing an open carry), anyone can open
carry without being questioned. So how long before criminals become
audacious enough to wear their firearms openly?

From a
legal standpoint, there are almost no circumstances where a private
citizen can unholster a firearm in a public place and not be charged
with something. This fact alone should discourage any smart person from
exercising this “right.”

But if that’s not enough, this
law will undoubtedly increase the number of businesses that post “no
weapons permitted” signs. That, coupled with existing prohibited
locations — such as
state and federal buildings/property, bars and school zones — will only
serve to make open carry more of a hassle than concealed carry.

only time a private citizen has the right to use deadly force is when
there is an immediate threat to one’s self or another. If an assailant
ceases and withdraws, the legality of using lethal force no longer
exists. Juries often frown on entry wounds in the back.

me say that I have previously lived in an open carry state and have
open carried in the past. I’ve even worked in a private occupation which
required the use of a
firearm. I’ve had extensive training, and I can assure you the horrors
of litigation are rather sobering. I understand the hero complex many
gun carriers have, but before pulling that trigger, they need to
understand they’ll be held accountable for any and all collateral
damage, as well as the justification for shooting.

sincerely hope that Oklahoma’s concealed carry weapon training isn’t a
rubber-stamp process. Diligent training is the only thing that can
prevent this from becoming a potentially tragic debacle.

—Brandon Wertz, Oklahoma City

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