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Cargill's 100 Ideas to disclose donor list



A privately funded organization to be used to lobby for new laws will disclose its list of donors early in June, its executive director said last week.

Former Republican state Rep. Thad Balkman, executive director for Republican House Speaker Lance Cargill's 100 Ideas initiative, said the disclosure would put aside any ethical doubts about the group's endeavor.

"Reserve a great pub piece for us in June, about how great we are, and about how we are publicly public and not just publicly private. That's what you're going to get," Balkman quipped.

Balkman said the group's first quarter ended last month, but it will take a month to compile the figures.

"We are in the process of putting that together," he said. "When we announced that we said we would report our first quarter of our donors and everything, that quarter started Feb. 1 and ended at the end of April. We're getting it all together."

Balkman reiterated that the compiled information would completely disclose the donors, in-kind contributions, and expenditures. The information would be in a format similar to an election campaign report to the Oklahoma Ethics Commission, he said.

"It's probably not much different than when you have an Ethics Commission report "¦ when the quarter ends you have 30 days to submit it," Balkman said. "That's kind of the model we're going to follow." "Ben Fenwick


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