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Catfish Haven-Please Come Back



Secretly Canadian

Where have all the guitar solos gone? Ten years ago, they were as obligatory as drunken women flashing the stage, but now they are a rarity. The trend is growing, and most prominent with many of the roadhouse rock bands that are emerging. Catfish Haven is certainly one of the better ones, and show a great amount of attitude and style in this EP.
Right off, they proclaim with a growl, "We're Catfish Haven and this is what we do!" Unfortunately, the energy and soul that they've taken from Southern blues and roots rock has been stripped of the musicianship. This could be blamed on a lack of role models; the closest thing there is anymore to a guitar god is Robert Randolph, but he plays the electric pedal steel guitar, which just doesn't set 13-year-old hearts afire.
Despite its lack of flair, though, Catfish Haven is still a fun band to listen to. The music sounds like a good concert, even without ridiculously extended guitar solos.  
- Charles Martin

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