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Recently, in your fine publication, I’ve read a number of letters from Christians addressing what a terrible threat Islam is to “Christians and Jews,” specifically one that was posted in the Chicken-Fried News (CFN Mailbag, Penelope M. Blair, Jan. 19, Oklahoma Gazette).

find it an interesting irony in that in all the letters I’ve read where
someone is slamming some group — whether it be Muslims, atheists or
liberals of one sort or another — saying what a threat they are to
“Christians and Jews,” I’ve never, ever seen a single one that was from a
Jew. They are all from Christians.

don’t want to speculate too much, but perhaps the Jews know something
the “Christians” don’t. Maybe, after nearly 2,000 years of official
sanction, ghettoization, discrimination and pogroms, they know that laws
that single out any group of people for their religious beliefs are
plainly wrong.

then, I’m not a Jew myself, and I dare not speculate further. It would
be interesting to hear what one of the local rabbis might have to say
about the recent blowup in this state over State Question 755.

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