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The following unedited comment is regarding the Sept. 15 CFN "Out of touch," which referenced a Sept. 7 e-mail sent by Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee founder Charlie Meadows about state Rep. Sally Kern's transgender opponent, Brittany Novotny, being a "confused 'it'":

"We've had Charlie over for dinner a few times, and he's a nice enough fellow in person. That said, even people who are generally friendly and well-disposed towards others can be easily twisted by a religious dogma which encourages them to hate their neighbor in unequivocal terms. Go back and reread Romans 1, in just about any translation you can find. The poison of homophobia is right there in black and white. 

"The only way to truly love thy (LGBT) neighbor is to find an antidote to this poison, to discard the ancient books and move on to a modern humanist ethic."

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