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I read your Chicken-Fried News article “To inform or inflame?” in the Jan. 5, 2011, Oklahoma Gazette. I have these comments to make.

Muslim terrorism became personal for me in 2001 when a group of missionaries was kidnapped and held hostage in the Philippines and by extreme Muslim terrorists. Two of the men were beheaded, and a man by the name of Martin Burnham was killed in the crossfire during the rescue.

Martin was a devout Christian and Quaker, meaning he was a man of peace. He was also a cousin of one of my good friends in New Mexico. Martin’s cousin and his wife have been very close friends of mine for 30 years: Eldon and Martin looked and sounded just alike.

CAIR, the Council on American- Islamic Relations, is nothing more than a front for Islamic terrorists (read: “The Muslim Mafia”). Already in cities, accommodations are being made to Muslims; meanwhile, Christians and Jews are losing more and more of our rights.

I am a devout Christian, and I will never submit to Shariah law or any other Islamic law. I do not push my religion on to others, so please do not let Islam push its religion and other practices into our American culture.

—Penelope M. Blair
Oklahoma City

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