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From the always great comes this weirdly descriptive name of a Poteau school: Pansy Kidd Middle School.

Yes, friends, you read that right: Pansy Kidd. We wonder if classes at Pansy Kidd include "rolling up into a ball to avoid physical conflict" and "the history of Microsoft."

Turns out, Pansy Kidd was a real person. And from the intensive research we did on Wikipedia, a pretty awesome person.

Miss Pansy Ingle moved to Poteau in 1912 toting a master's degree in English from Indiana University. Miss Ingle taught for three years until she married Frank Kidd and was barred from the classroom because of a school board regulation that prevented married women from teaching. Those were the days, right?

Anyway, the regulation changed in 1921, and Mrs. Kidd went straight back to teaching. And she stayed there for a grand total of more than 40 years, becoming known as the "Dean of Poteau's Teachers."

OK, after reading all that, we agree that Pansy Kidd deserved to have a school named in her honor. Still, we can't wait until they face Bigge Bulleigh Junior High on the football field.

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