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If you really want to win an election, you take your feet to the sidewalk and you start walking door-to-door and you win people over with your words, not money for signs and pamphlets.

“All the money that committees have spent could have been used for other things within the community, instead of lazy politicians using money. I want a politician who will come to my door and ask me what I am looking for in this city. I want someone who can be face-to-face, and honestly, OKC is too big of a city to do that. It is too big of a city with no money to invest in the things it needs to do to protect the citizens, transportation for the citizens, etc. If they can’t do their job, I’m willing to move.

“Protection is No. 1 in this city. I have been broken into six different times while living in this OKC area for two years.”

—Jessica Holstein, former Ward 6 Oklahoma City Council candidate, commenting on

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