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CFN remembers Charlton Heston's Oklahoma visit



When Hollywood legend Charlton Heston passed away April 5 and people reminisced about some of the Oscar winner's iconic film roles " "Ben-Hur," "The Ten Commandments," "Planet of the Apes" " Chicken-Fried News couldn't help but think his best performance came in 1994, playing himself.

In the fall of that year, Heston made a quick appearance in Oklahoma City, stumping for then-Rep. James Inhofe, who was running for David Boren's vacated Senate seat. Heston and Inhofe touched down at Wiley Post Airport to meet with reporters.

Inhofe introduced the actor who needed no introduction, calling Heston his "good friend" "¦ and then calling him "Carlton Heston" " one letter shy of his true name. But Heston being the consummate professional, he didn't even flinch.

One hopes he would've told the legislator to "take your stinking paws off me!"

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